Day #80 and an interesting dilemma

Yesterday. All my troubles seemed so far away... because we got WD40 for our "squeaky" bed that our neighbor could hear during her sleep.  According to my grandmother, this WD40 can be used to assure our neighbor that we are taking the proper precautions as parents to hush up our newborn as well. If she is still not assuaged, we could always gift her some earplugs. (almost exact quotes) Haha. Thanks grandma for making me feel better about life. (even though as many times as Melanie and I have shown you how to read our blogs, you never do, so you will most likely never read this.) 

Also, I went to the library to return a few movies and found 11 free books! I may or may not have mentioned that I got a library card at the Menlo Park library in addition to my Palo Alto library card. You see, as nice as Palo Alto is, they've got nothing on the Menlo Park Library. Including the fact that I have NEVER seen free books at the Palo Alto library, but I ALWAYS get to peruse several carts of free books at the Menlo Park library. Because I have an addiction to books and no money with which to buy them, this endears me to aforementioned library more than their amazing selection (which also trumps Palo Alto).  I think Palo Alto is attempting to beef up their game by building a very large library incredibly close to our apartment. Don't worry, this is great news to me--even though it isn't scheduled to be finished until Fall 2012.  Still, if they don't have free books sitting outside I'm still going to Menlo Park.

Well, none of you cared about THAT! And you probably don't care that I am currently waiting for the repairman to come fix our kitchen sink.  Something happened to it and it is just full of standing water.  This means there are dishes on the counter from last night's dinner and I had to strategically strain pasta so that I could take the excess water and pour it into our tub. So classy. Some of you more seasoned women may be laughing at my folly and thinking that surely I put carrot or potato peelings down the disposal, but I assure you that I did no such thing. The only thing that has gone down that disposal for any number of days are eggshells, so who knows what is going on. GOOD NEWS. REPAIRMAN IS HERE! I really want to take a picture of him because he looks AWESOME. Unfortunately there is no way for me to do it discreetly and I feel awkward asking him outright if I can just snap a photo. Maybe if I tell him I am a professional blogger and like to document every happening of my existence.... no way. I doubt he even knows what blogging is. Well, next time he is around the complex I'll see what I can do.

Okay, enough is enough. Since it is the month of Thanksgiving, I should probably be focusing on gratitude.  I have decided to write at least one thing I am grateful for each day. The disclaimer is that I have attempted to do this before (not on a blog) and failed miserably, so don't judge me if I miss a day--it doesn't mean I couldn't think of anything to be grateful for.

So: TODAY I AM GRATEFUL that my Boyf works close enough to our apartment that it only takes me 7 minutes to drive and meet him for lunch. I am also grateful that he will leave work for a few minutes to eat lunch with me.

ALSO TODAY I AM GRATEFUL for Chandler. She is ever entertaining and I want her to know that I am more grateful for her than I am for Sprinkles cupcakes on any given day, even if they were free.

and I need advice. I was invited to a baby shower for TWO women. It is a joint baby shower. I don't really know the women and I don't really have money to buy them baby things. Is it acceptable for me to go without a gift? Because I have hesitations that tell me it is socially unacceptable to do so... just like I worry that if I send nothing more than a card saying congratulations to a recently married couple they will think that I forgot to put in a gift card or someone from the postal service must have nabbed the check.... HELP.


Becca said...

Just put $5 in each group gift envelope and no one will be the wiser. :)

chan chan said...

dear wise one-
my baby shower intelligence is ZERO. i am young and have no money myself not to mention i have never been to a baby shower in my life. BUT i have recently heard from a friend that you are supposed to comment when you read someone's blog. and consider yours read. and appreciated.

brittney said...

My solution is just not going. But you don't make friends this way.

tashababe said...

How about one of your clever drawings on a homemade card and a tape/CD of you singing lullabies.
I would have LOVED such a gift.
(Can you still find blank cassette tapes?)

Rae-Lo said...

People that expect gifts are annoying - ESPECIALLY when they don't even know you that well. I think a card is sufficient. If the shower were for me, I probably wouldn't even notice if you didn't get me anything.

You could always try making some cute gift...?

Rachael Mortensen said...

Can I say I totally care about the quality of libraries and free books will always trump anything ever.

Also, you can just become antisocial so you don't get invited to these kinds of thing.

P. S. I miss your face.

Sam and Kat said...

This is when I say chocolate comes in handy. especially for pregnant women. ;) Just get each of em a $0.99 card and a $2 or $3 bag of chocolates- Hershey's kisses, Ghiradelli(sp?) squares, Lindor truffles, that kinda thing. It's sort of my go-to gift when I'm running low on cash and it actually ends up being the perfect gift. I'm sure those pregnant girlies will appreciate it. :)

Deer Little Fawn said...

I can't help with your dilemma I'm afraid, but I just wanted to say hi and thank you very much for following my blog! :)
p.s. your grandma sounds great :)