Day #79

Some days, I am just grateful I got from beginning to end. Today was one of those days. Special thanks to all of my friends and family from far away who I somehow managed to get in touch with today and helped me get through it.

Also special thanks to Sprinkles and their twitter account for allowing me to procure a free cupcake. That was helpful.

And special thanks to my mom for staying awake until 3am her time to talk to me for too long. I miss her. She really is the best.


flexMD said...

love you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

chan chan said...

commenting because you made me. not because I have anything funny or great to say. but... i love you. Maybe if you had named me specifically in your grateful list instead of sprinkles cupcakes I would have had something important to say. i am seriously offended for you insincerity.

Courtney Low said...

Okay you MUST come visit and go to Disneyland with us!!! It would be so much fun. When are you due? Does baby boy have a name yet?