Evening #32...an insight into what I do with my spare time.

Well, nothing too exciting to report. Yes, I'm home alone late at night once again. Somehow this has reduced me to flipping through the few free channels we get and sitting on the couch munching. I'm not sure why I sound so despondent.... The point is that I decided it was time to update my blog when I flipped to the Discovery channel and saw that the show was "Hogs Gone Wild"--a show all about wild hogs. In this particular episode, they are trying to catch one in a field. Just talking about it makes me bored. Wild Hogs also sounds less exciting than calling them BOARS. Boars make them sound infinitely more dangerous.  Saying boar also reminds me of Willow and cavorting through Italy with my father driving us down dirt roads.  If you google wild hog, several pictures come up of that movie that no one I know even saw... and then this:

Something about this boar reminds me of a fluffy bear cub--before they're intimidating. If you google boar, you might find this picture instead:

Way more intimidating. I mean, this boar is suited for battle. This picture actually comes from a website entitled "Celtic Boar: A Soul Journey by Michael Honeth" He says "This is my guardian power animal. The boar is worshipped by the deities and is the shaman's most dedicated earth spirit. Tenacious and fearless, the boar earns respect."  Case in point. Boars are cooler than hogs. If you don't believe me, click HERE.

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rinny said...

i've gotta say i agree with you. and i also found this very entertaining.