Edit: Day #32 and the other days I missed before that

So, I admittedly got carried away in my thoughts re: boars vs. wild hogs. Anyone who really knows me will not be surprised by this. But just in case you actually care what I'm doing with my life and in the event that I determine this blog is a good way to document my life--similar to a journal--and print it out for my posterity, I will actually talk about the past few days of my life.

There are two things that happened.

1. I went to the doctor.  This is a regular occurrence these days. I don't love going to the doctor. Especially since when you are pregnant, it is just so they can make sure everything is alright--even when you already have a pretty good idea that it is. I got away with skipping a month due to my horrible insurance woes and, yes, I was a bit worried. So I went. Unwarranted advice: NEVER SKIP GOING TO THE DOCTOR WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT! EVER! Because even when you skip the doctor's visit, they still make you get on a scale, and you may have gained 17 pounds in two months. I don't care how much you have resigned yourself to being pregnant, that will make a mark. Its even worse when you rarely consume sugar, don't eat for two as is so commonly mistaken for appropriate, and exercise almost every day. In better news: I don't think I look fat.

2. I started cross-stitching stockings for Christmas! If you think this sounds super nerdy and old-lady, you would be correct. BUT, it sure makes pretty stockings...and my mom made one for each of our family.  What I have forgotten in the years that I haven't touched cross-stitching is how long it takes to make something look decent. Even after a couple of hours, you have never accomplished what you would have hoped. What seems like it should take only a few hours to complete actually takes way more hours than that. Which is super vague, but true. When I have more than a few xs on a white piece of fabric, I'll put a picture up.

Other than that... I can't think of anything awesome to report. I still think the boars vs. hogs post was better, but I suppose this one was more informative.

In book news: I read Evermore. It was not awesome. Started off okay, got worse in the end. I also began reading All the Little Live Things by Wallace Stegner for book club. Which is on Tuesday. I don't know if I will finish it. Wallace is quite florid in his language and rather depressing and I'd rather keep reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.  Okay, that's all. xx


Sierra said...

Your posts crack me up, Ashlie. Congratulations on the pregnancy! Love seeing you in the blogging world.


Sam and Kat said...

hey pretty lady! so i pretty much just stalked your blog for a little while. you are too cute and your posts crack me up. can't wait to hear about your little one coming soon! not sure i ever told you but congrats! being a mom is seriously the best. HARDER THAN HECK (mostly just in the beginning). but the best. :)

brynne frei said...

Ashlie, teach me how to cross stitch?!