Day #29: TOO HOT.

Something in the Northern California air decided to heat up today. It was too hot. Too hot for this pregnant body to handle, and too hot for no breeze and no air conditioning. Even now, at 7:11pm it is 85 degrees in my apartment. It's times like these when I think that I might be an angry person. Because I feel angry. I'm angry at my apartment for not having air conditioning, I'm angry at my pregnant body, I'm angry at the weather for not giving me a breeze at the minimum, and I'm angry at myself for not having better plans to get somewhere air conditioned.

In other news, I did make a trip to Target. There, I found these gems for just $4.99.

If I didn't have them already, I would have purchased them for myself. And if I had any money, I would have purchased them to save for gifts at a later date. In fact, I might still do that because I cannot think of any way in which that ten dollars could go to waste....

Also, while driving, I came across this bumper sticker:

You might not find this significant, but after learning a little about Palo Alto while at the Children's theatre, this says so much. I think that 12 of the 13 kids in Charlie Brown speak at least two languages. A handful of them speak three, and one of them speaks FIVE. The oldest of these children is eleven. In Palo Alto, no one cares if your student was on the Honor Roll, EVERYONE IS GETTING STRAIGHT A'S! So forget stickers that say "My child is on the Honor Roll at Johnsn Elementary" they make bumper stickers here that say "My child was student of the month." What I really want to see is a bumper sticker that says "My child could kick your child's student of the month bu**." (censored to save my mother from one of her least favorite words)

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gini said...

i want those cds. you can gift them to me if you need someone. for a new mother's present. i will gift you the other for a new mother's present.