Day 27 & 28

Day 27:
SATURDAY! Saturday is my favorite day of the week because it is the day when Boyf is home and we have no obligations. Well, this Saturday I had the obligation of Charlie Brown, but that aside... SO, we decided to go on a hike. Not a horribly strenuous hike, but this particular hike called "The Dish".  It is over by Stanford campus and the entire thing is paved, so it really shouldn't have been such a big deal.

Well, I guess I forgot that I'm 6 months pregnant. Even though I've been exercising, I haven't been tromping 5 miles on paved hillsides, and let's be honest: I'm not quite as pleasant when I am uncomfortable these days. Let's also be honest: baby does not like 5 mile hikes. It felt great, don't get me wrong. I was glad we went. But at the end, I definitely felt like I was going to herniate if I didn't sit down. David was all about going to the gym after the hike, but I was DONE. So we went to Costco instead. In hindsight, I should have gotten a slice of cheese pizza at Costco....

The rest of the day was cleaning, resting my body from the hike, and reading. I know, I should have taken pictures while we were hiking the dish, but I was too busy complaining in my head to remember. Actually, I lie. I remembered once when we saw a couple taking pictures.  You see, The Dish is so named for the large Satellite Dish that sits on top of the hill. The paved path sort of makes this big oval around this hilly area, and at the highlight of it is a Satellite Dish. There was a couple taking pictures there. With the Satellite Dish in the background. I remembered at that point that I was going to take a couple of pictures of our nature walk, but after seeing that couple wanted to forget the pictures as soon as possible. David and I were laughing to ourselves and he commented that "they must be engineers."  I guess we aren't really the picture hoarding types...

Day 28:
SUNDAY. We have a lot more in the way of obligations on Sunday. Church, lunch at the Taylor's house, Charlie Brown, being sick.

The Taylors are an older couple in our ward and they had a few younger couples over for lunch yesterday. They have 9 kids who are all grown and they are quite social, so I would not be surprised if they do this frequently.  One of the couples who was there had a baby only a week-and-half old. They started talking about all of these horror stories having to do with labor and delivery... I think that's the worst part of being pregnant. Everyone wants to give you advice (fine) but they also want to tell you the worst stories they've ever heard about women giving birth and then say "but there's no way that will happen to you, so don't stress!"  I have always had a fear about giving birth. I'm not afraid to hold a baby or take care of them--I actually think I know enough to not have to call someone every day and ask questions or be too paranoid--but physically giving birth? NO THANK YOU. I would happily bypass that step. Since I got pregnant as a complete surprise to all parties involved, I have decided to just forget the birthing process entirely.  That way, I don't have to freak myself out about it beforehand and when its happening, there's nothing I can do about it so I won't freak out. This may not sound logical to you, but I know myself. This will work. So having to confront horror stories is mildly terrifying. When they also say the token "hope I haven't freaked you out too much!" I always say "no more than I already was" and everyone laughs. Next time I'm going to say what I am really thinking: "Of COURSE you freaked me out! I've NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE. And I HATE NEEDLES."

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Angela said...

i realized after i told you the scariest birth story i ever heard that it wasn't the greatest idea. this confirms it :)