Pre-Day #5

Well, I'm up. I can't fall asleep. I just finished reading the most awful book (yes, even worse than Twilight) entitled "The Vampire Diaries". Technically, I finished reading two installments of said diaries in one go.  Apparently if the author didn't lump them together, no one would read the second book. TRUTH. I checked both the first and second set of two out from the library, and I just can't even bring myself to open the second set.

So I'm blogging. Tomorrow is day #5. I'm actually pretty excited for day #5 because I have some GRAND plans. I'M HEADING TO THE CITY!!

Boyf is doing his training in San Fran, so we are going to make a night of it. And before we make a night of it, I'm going to make a day of it. I don't have a complete list of things to do, but I figure that while I'm up I can do a little more research. So far my list looks like this:

1. Stop at used bookstore on my way into the city. Last time was a success--this time I'm hoping they'll buy a few of my books and give me in-store credit. OH YEAH!

2. Tour San Francisco Center for the Book.  I plan on taking several workshops so I can learn to letterpress, silk screen, and bind books as well as volunteer there while we're living in the area.

3. Head to Pier 39 and get myself some Boudin bread (sourdough, of course) for lunch. mmm, mmm, GOOD.

4. Maybe see some seals if mating season is over. (last time I tried, mating season kept them all off of Fisherman's Warf)

5. Gaze at Alcatraz and determine to book Brother's ticket to visit so we can go take a tour

6. Watch people and sneak pictures. Or maybe not sneak. Lots of people have cameras on those piers...

I can't imagine that it wouldn't be a great day. Hopefully we can find something great to do for the evening as well. Any suggestions for bay area shenanigans would be greatly appreciated.

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