Day #4

Today began as so many days do: productively.

I went to the gym.

I organized a few bills.

I got out my textbooks.

I got ready.

I practiced the piano a bit.

Then I got distracted.

Distraction led me to The Container Store

Where I purchased things to beautify my desk.
how can you blame me? THEY WERE HAVING A SALE!

I returned home, set up my new things, and got to surfing the internet because my computer suddenly became more inviting when surrounded by such beauty. 

During the course of the late afternoon I also found my way to 7-Eleven where I purchased this guy:  

...and then to Trader Joe's, where I purchased the last necessities for the dinner we will probably not eat tonight. Who wants to eat turkey burgers at 9:40?

I can't say Day #4 was a failure.

1 comment:

MoJo said...

that cup is rad. i am going to try and venture out to walmart today. that sentence alone made me think of a blog post...to my blog!