Day #5

Day #5 was a good day with a crazy morning. To spare you the details, let's just say it took me  lot longer to get around than I anticipated, and the used bookstore stop was a bust. I found out that they only buy books back from noon-530 Tues, Wed, and Sat. FAIL.

Once I got into the city, however, things started looking WAY, WAY up. Even though my tour was canceled, I was able to take a long walk to Pier 39.  Along the way, I acquainted myself with Piers 1-38.  Honestly, Pier 1 is pretty good, and there are a few restaurants to consider, but nothing really happens at the other piers. That is why Pier 39 is such a big deal. That and the Boudin Bread Factory. BEST SOURDOUGH BREAD EVER.  Since we left here when I was just the ripe age of 6, I've remembered that name with fondness. So yesterday, I bought an entire loaf. and ate half of it myself. Also, Pier 39 is great because of this:
Who doesn't like barrels of Salt Water Taffy in any flavor you can imagine? Mix and Match, it's all the same price per pound. Now, there are many other things to do on Pier 39, but I always just hit up the Boudin Bread and the Salt Water Taffy. The rest is just tourist stuff. Then, I go check out the seals. I was, in fact, lucky. No mating seal hiding yesterday. They were bathing in the sun. I snatched this nice picture from my lookout point on the balcony above. That's what happens when you're pregnant and have to use every public bathroom you can find. (I hate public bathrooms, but there is not getting around them anymore--and I am never afraid to ask.)
I also tried to capture a picture of myself with my iphone, but in my attempt to avoid blatantly "myspacing" it, I failed miserably.  The only result was a picture of my double chin.
I did, however, begin reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest while waiting for David to get out of training. I'm pretty excited because that also means that I have begun my challenge to read 26 books in the next year--one beginning with each letter of the alphabet! If you care, I'll keep you updated. If you don't, just skip those parts.

AND David got off at 4:30 instead of 6! That was a happy surprise, which meant we could wander the city together. We stopped at Embarcadero Center and were fortunate enough to see a large group of bikers rallied to the southwest of this fountain:
I would have snapped a picture of the bikers, but conveniently, many of them were in the nude. Well, not COMPLETELY nude, but nude enough to only have one part scantily covered. It was rather scandalous and humorous at the same time, but all I could wonder was "wouldn't that hurt when you were riding your bike?" Apparently they get together on the last Friday of every month in some city around the world and a bunch of people ride together. It's called "Critical Mass" and the first one was in September of 1992 in, you guessed it, San Francisco! So LUCKY FOR US (!!!!!) there will be a week-long festival of bike riding shenanigans next September to celebrate their 20th anniversary. I can't wait! In case you're curious you can check them out HERE.

After the nudists on bicycles, we didn't feel much like doing anything but wandering, so we wandered a bit more, thought about going to a movie but didn't find one we cared to see, and came home. It was a great day in a great city. Who knew you could need a scarf in August? Not a transplanted Texan, that's for certain.


MoJo said...

There really are 1-38 piers? Sooooo ow.

MoJo said...

And by sooooo ow I meant "wooooooow" damn autocorrect.