Day #6: I Can't Grocery Shop.

Day #6. Saturday. A day of togetherness. Today I have been singing a song I learned in church as a child all day.  The lyrics are as follows:

Saturday is a special day, its the day we get ready for Sunday!
We wash our hair and we iron our clothes and we don't work again until Monday...

Well, I don't want to be a killer of the faith, but I do wash my hair and iron my clothes on Sunday. I actually had never thought about it before now... The point WAS, that we have been running errands almost all day. I say we because Boyf is finally home with me for a full day! I love that. UNFORTUNATELY, Boyf had to come with me all over town for groceries. We are having one of his co-workers over for dinner tomorrow night, and I am determined to cook her something delicious, PLUS, I thought I would be a brilliant domestic by planning meals for the week and buying the ingredients today. Only things here are not so simple. So far, I've been to the grocery store on 4 different occasions and each time, I have had to go to at least 3 places. 

You see, neither Wal Mart nor Target have received "Super" status, so I can't get groceries there. I avoid Safeway at all costs because if I go there, I will pay ALL COSTS, and my favorite place to shop is an open air market where I can only get produce and overpriced cheese. Then there is Trader Joe's, which I also love, but let's face it people: Trader Joe's is for people who want to PRETEND to cook.  If you want to buy a great pre-made sauce, or a frozen dinner that tastes homemade, Trader Joe's is THE place to go. They will never let you down! But what if I want to buy chili paste? or what if I want (heaven forbid) Crisco? what if I want vegetable oil? Or even French's mustard? There is no way I will find it at Trader Joe's. And Whole Foods--well, anyone who is a sucker for packaging (self-professed here) will tell you they want to shop there.  But anyone who's paid attention to the price realizes it doesn't even make sense.
So today shopping started off on a great foot at The Milk Pail, where I bought a weeks worth of produce (including obscure fresh herbs and veggies) for $23.15! that would have cost me at least $80 anywhere else, but started going downhill once we went to Wal Mart and found out they didn't have better prices than Whole Foods on milk and eggs (WHAT?!) and they had NO chocolate chips.  Boyf was done. He just walked the cart to the checkout counter and I knew that I had to follow.  Only I also knew we would have to go back out again later because we didn't even have any meat.  SOOO a few hours later, we headed to Costco and then gave in to the pull of Safeway. Safeway, I hate you. I really do. How can I buy 4 things from you and still spend the same that I did for three bags full of fruit and vegetables at The Milk Pail? You're an extortionist, that's how. 

BUT, I made my Nutella ice cream! It was a recipe that didn't require an ice cream maker--and since the movers bent the arm on my Kitchen Aid and I don't have a way to replace it yet, I was more than excited to try it out. Now that I've actually mixed it and put it in the freezer overnight, I'm fairly certain it will taste like Nutella flavored Cool-Whip, but I guess there is always a chance that could change. I found the recipe on foodgawker, which you should check out if you like food at all.  It is brilliant.

In other news, right before I started this post, tiny dancer was kicking! Not any of those little kicks either. I'm talking big enough you could feel it if you were putting your hand on my stomach. I felt a twinge of sadness when I ran into the bedroom to tell Boyf that Tiny was dancing and found Boyf passed out.  He made a valiant effort, rolled over and put his hand on my belly, but it was too late. Tiny was done.  He has been pretty quiet during the days lately and acts up at night, which gives me great hope that Tiny will be a night owl like his mother before him and his grandmother before that.  Actually, maybe I want the owl-like tendencies to conceal themselves for a few years...

Okay. After midnight. It's time to go to sleep  read in bed.  I'm a little nervous because I had a plan in my head to do wash on Monday while I was stuck at home with the piano tuner, but now I'm not sure if I will have any clean underwear for church tomorrow... Boyf says I could just be like the Russians and wear my underwear until Monday, but I think I'll pass. Oh, the worries of a housewife! (well, one with poor planning skills at least)

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