Year 3, Day 40: I am now 27 years old.

I don't remember what else happened between my last post and now. I'm going to go with: it was really important.

I do remember that two days ago, I turned 27.  I would say that I don't really feel older, but the truth is, I do feel older.  More than anything else, this is attributed to the fact that a few weeks ago I started school again. And I don't mean grad school. I AM STILL WORKING ON A BACHELOR'S PEOPLE! It is truly amazing how being in class with Freshmen and Sophomores in college draws my attention to the reality that is age. Maybe the more appropriate reality my attention is being drawn to is the reality that is time. It is remarkable how many life experiences we have in a year or two (or 8 if we want to get picky about the age difference between myself and the college freshmen).  The last year of my life has been the craziest, most wonderful, most life changing, most difficult, most depressing, most enjoyable year yet. It is impossible for me to adequately relate the dichotomy of feelings that I am constantly experiencing, but I like to think that it is that tension that creates drive, creativity, and interest within me. Within all of us, really.

So, self, happy belated birthday! A toast to a great 28th year.


Lisa said...

Congrats on finishing your degree! That is amazing! You'll be so glad you did. My mother in law just finished a year ago which is admirable in and of itself, but I know she was wishing he would have finished a long time ago.

Raechel Logan said...

Love you.

Melanie said...

Hang in there...I totally think you are amazing! And I want to see you, David, and Pearson...like now! Except that Jane is in a 'I will make you do what I want at all cost' stage...so maybe now is not a good idea. For Pearson's sake. :)