Year 3(ish), Day 5

Guys, I can't keep using some stupid counter on my computer to figure out what day it is. I'm doing this year by year. Executive decision executed with perfection.

That being said, guess what?! CHRISTMAS HAPPENED!!! Bet you didn't see this post coming. OH WAIT. YOU DIDN'T. Because I'm not even going to post about Christmas. Mainly because you better believe that I didn't take a single picture of my son's first Christmas. (this is the part where you all praise me for being such an awesome family historian) I would like to point out the less-obvious-but-only-because-you-didn't-think-of-it-first point that David was also NOT taking pictures. AND PDD didn't actually care all that much. I have determined that if I put a picture up of PDD in his Christmas pjs, you will promptly forget that pictures of the actual Christmas celebrations are missing.

I mean, seriously. Could this guy be any cuter? I think not. If in doubt, check out the belly.

Some important parts of Christmas included: snow on Christmas day, crazy Christmas Eve complete with Ninja nativity (something I never, ever, ever, want to forget. Brooks, age 4, swapping his shepherd gear for 'ninja' gear and then karate chopping Liz in the back during the reading of Luke 2), Eric and Rebecca getting engaged, and... that about covers it.

What you REALLY want to hear about is PDD's birthday celebration...which also didn't happen. Actually, I recant that statement. It kind of happened. When happened means that several days after his birthday we let him eat an ice cream cone in honor of his birthday. I would tell you that PDD didn't really care, but that would be a lie. He LOVED the ice cream cone. He cried when it was over.

In my defense, I did have minor plans for his first birthday. Imagine something awesome. Now decrease that awesomeness by about 75% 90% and you should have a general idea of our birthday plans. Those were completely blown by a fever averaging 102 and misery. Poor guy had to go to urgent care ON HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY. Since he won't remember that day, I still think my 23rd birthday (the one when I peed my pants) is worse. Not that I'm competing with my 1-year-old son.... I do have pictures of PDD on his birthday in the urgent care. Maybe not our finest hour, but certainly a sadness worth documenting.

Although the sickness was awful (cold, flu, and ear infections in both ears PLUS the strong possibility that he is getting more teeth. UGH), I must admit there was a part of me that loved having PDD sleeping in our bed and cuddling with me 24/7. He is so busy and it is really difficult to find moments like that anymore. Now that he is almost back to normal, we can't keep him from doing everything himself and running away whenever the opportunity presents itself. At least the kisses (which I was beginning to worry were in extremely short supply) have returned.

The sickness basically ruined PDDs birthday and New Year's Eve, and working ruined our anniversary, so our holidays finished with a strong stink bomb instead of a solid bang, but whatevs. You get what you pay for.  I'm still determining life currency and how that all works, so if you have any insight, just let me know.  Something tells me I could be paying for more.... KIDDING! kind of.

I'm focusing on the fact that we survived the last year.  P-Dizzle reached his first birthday and I am going to take a little bit of credit for that since he is still on the helpless end of the spectrum. Also, this has been the hardest year of my life, so helping a little one survive that year is certainly going on my list of accomplishments.  I AM LIVING LARGE, GUYS! I don't have a photograph-worthy nursery (really, I don't think PDDs room even qualifies as a nursery), we haven't had any formal (or non-formal) family pictures taken, I didn't send out baby announcements or holiday cards, we skipped our son's first birthday and left his first Christmas undocumented, BUT THERE IS STILL REASON TO CELEBRATE! And if you disagree, then this is a party you obviously can't understand and no one is forcing you to be here.

PS--in the middle of this post, I had to reboot my internet (because our internet service is the absolute worst) so, naturally, I got a bowl of ice cream. This got me thinking that I should share with all of you this fabulous diet I am on to maintain weight--it involves eating a strictly healthy diet during the day and then at least one bowl of ice cream at 2 in the morning. Seriously AMAZING. I haven't shed a pound in weeks.

PPS- I really loved getting all of my friends' holiday cards, so I may do some "post-new-year's cards" just because. This is a very strong maybe.


Rachael Mortensen said...

Oh my GOSH! I want to pinch his cheeks and then kiss him all over his face! There is just too much cuteness in him. And don't worry, I have a feeling that will be me with my first child. Haha.

naomi said...

I totally get this. Sometimes when I see pictures of 'nurseries' on Pinterest, I laugh in their faces and resist the urge to type something obscene as a comment on the pin. Great post. And I get this party and I'm here to eat ice cream at 2am. Yes. This was a great post. Also, WHEN DID PDD START STANDING UP ALONE??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! urghhhh he's getting so big so fast!

Katie said...

Loved this post - he is SOO cute!! I always enjoy your fresh and original take on things!

Jessy Carlisle said...

I love that you peed your pants on your 23rd birthday. Thanks for sharing that. I laughed outloud a little.

Melanie said...

PDD is the absolute cutest thing! I want to hold him! I can only imagine that yours and David's parents are loving having you guys so close. And exciting that David's brother is getting married!