Remember that time when...

Well, a lucky winner has a custom card in the mail. On their way to them. I don't want to spoil the surprise for them, but as soon as I think the card has arrived, I'll put a picture of the card up here.

Today I was looking through some photos of a friend's honeymoon. She and her new boyf really looked like they had a blast. I mean, seriously. Then in my head I thought "Remember that time when we went on a honeymoon and only took one picture?" which led me to think about how we have been married for almost a year now and have less pictures from that year than months... This could be a really bad thing, except for it has helped me to decide that I will be taking at least one picture a day from this day forward. The downside to that is it may not help the problem since getting pictures of the two of us together seems to be the hardest part of this equation.

In other news, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! It came and it went! Lucky for David and I, we had TWO Thanksgivings. One on Sunday in Texas and one on the real day of Thanksgiving in Park City. I took some pictures! These are the pictures I took: (I'll insert those pictures later. I can't be bothered to upload them to my computer at the moment...)

It was a dream come true to spend a full week with my sisters and my madre. Chandler and Corinne (Chandler especially) were enjoying torturing my child.  Chandler would jiggle my belly until Tiny kicked her and then laugh and laugh. Yes, she is 13. Speaking of bellies, Chandler took a few great pictures of my belly:

I'm getting rather large. Today a woman asked me when I was due and when I told her January 2nd she told me she didn't know if I would make it that far.  I felt validated.  I did not, however, let my hopes rise. Fortunately, I have crammed the next few weeks with so many projects and so much volunteering that they should fly by. Although my inability to sleep has made my days rather long, so that is also questionable.

Also, I crocheted mustaches for Chandler, Corinne, and my mom. I did so at 8am while David was doing Yoga. I am very active these days. Naturally, I had to take a few pictures of myself sporting a mustache, and I know you all want to see them.

The end.


Meggara said...

while reading this post i am remembering how we were supposed to see each other while you and i were both in texas. this memory makes me feel like crying.

Stephanie said...

ahhh look at your belly!! <3 i remember taking pictures on that couch during a choir party at your house. quite a change since then.

gini said...

1. I love your belly.
2. Remember when we were on a mission together and we made a goal to take a picture everyday together? Good times. We were such great missionaries.
3. I love your belly and baby tiny.
4. You were in Utah and I didn't even get to see you? That makes me sad.

I miss you and LOVE you.

Scott and Chelsey said...

You crack me up girl! Can't wait to see the little peanut!

Jessy Carlisle said...

You are so adorable!!! Can't believe you are having a baby!!! Glad I found you on here.... now I can stalk you :)

Rachael Mortensen said...

Remember when...
We drew mustaches on our faces after a really bad day on the mission. I miss you so freaking much.