Day #40: I'm a work in progress

I'm still working on getting myself together.  I like to tell myself that we spend our entire lives "getting ourselves together," that way with each failure, I still feel like I am moving forward.

Biggest Success of the Week: my music room is almost DONE! This was a lot more work than I thought it would be because music room has to have space to accommodate Tiny when he arrives. That meant I decided to move the heavy things around and needed Boyf to come home from work to help me. Only there isn't any light in there, so it is REALLY difficult when David always comes home after dark. After I finally moved a lamp pre-his-return, the furniture was moved successfully and TODAY I almost finished setting it all up. Unfortunately, the movers ruined one of my key pieces of equipment, which means I need a claim check before I can actually use my speakers and microphone. At least it is in the right place and the boxes are in the recycling bin. WIN.

Best Fail of the Week: I offered to make dinner for a couple in our church who just had their first baby. Time to make dinner on hottest September day ever came and I turned the oven to 400 degrees in our 88 degree apartment. I sweat. A LOT. But in the end, I took dinner only a few minutes late to their home. Afterward, I had plans to make dinner for Boyf, but I just couldn't. So I settled on making quesadillas when he came home. Too bad that I forgot to take the tortillas out of the freezer.... And haven't cooked dinner at all this week. FAIL. We ate sandwiches. I have eaten so many sandwiches in the past two weeks. I need a new lunch idea. That is just as easy. Thanks.

This weekend is General Conference for our church.  Since we don't have cable, we will probably be at church for a lot of hours... Fortunately I have already made Boyf promise to take me to THIS STORE tomorrow. So the weekend will be a success. It is in pursuit of Halloween. I love Halloween.
Last year, we made these cookies:

And I dressed up like this (I won a contest for this homemade costume and my superior dancing. PRIZE MONEY!):

And we had a party that looked like this:

 (duh. My mom was in charge and everything she does is awesome.)

This year, I would like to make these cookies:

and dress up maybe like this:

(no, it won't be as funny since no one here knows my brother, but it sure would look great on me)

and have a party that looks like this:


and countdown to Halloween with my own version of this:

Also, I have already planned Tiny's first Halloween costume (next year, of course) which will be THIS (without the ruffles and with a lightning scar):

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