Day #35 & #36: A light at the End of the Tunnel

My days continually meld together. I feel that it is in preparation for my ever-increasing lack of identity. Then I think about what I just said and realize that is preposterous. I am becoming more myself every day because I am learning to do just what I want. It's really quite thrilling to have time to yourself each day. If I hadn't woken up at 4am, I would never have had the opportunity to read most of the book I was avoiding finishing before book club tomorrow, take a 2-hour nap, and do laundry all before lunch. Once again, I have just now remembered that my laundry is unfolded and on my bed 9 hours later...but no one is keeping track of silly details like that.

Today, I met my first friend under the age of 5. His name is Noah. Noah is 3. Noah is incredibly talented. He showed me his dance moves which were startlingly akin to breakdancing and he showed me a variety of karate/fighting moves, most of which involved him flying through the air before kicking/punching the couch. I also spent some time talking with Noah's mom. She was not as active as Noah, but I still think we can be friends. Then, I made a trip. To shopping. This was in pursuit of my new shoes. Unfortunately, Nordstrom Rack was all out of cute flats in my size and I couldn't be bothered going to Nordstrom afterward. FORTUNATELY, my mom needed me to find a few things for her and the girls.  I am REALLY GOOD at shopping. In fact, I would like to make it  my career. My job title could be "Personal Shopper" and the job description could be "I spend other people's money." So I hooked them up with a few things--shoes mainly--and felt great about it. Almost everything is more expensive across the ocean, so I was happy to save them some money and get a little shopping out of my system.

Now I am about to start dinner. Tomato soup and grilled cheese. The only real failure I have had in cooking since being married was making Campbell's Tomato Soup. Yes, this is the kind you find in a can. Somehow, I forgot to put the two cans of water in the soup.... So tonight it my chance to redeem myself.  I can't imagine that it will be that hard.

I would like to leave you with a stirring photo that I came across in my internet perusal this evening.
I can't figure out why one of them is so unhappy....

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Because he's racist.