Yesterday was Day #18

nothing of great importance happened on day #18. I went to the DMV and signed my life away by taking a written test and receiving a California Driver's License. Well, I received a temporary one until my real one comes in the mail. I also began the registration process on our car, but have to get a smog check before that is completed. Texas, I'm sorry. You'll always have my heart. Even if I don't carry your ID with me...

I must admit that the DMV and the written test I took were a little nerve-wracking. Probably because I failed the written portion of the test when I first took it at age 15.  I didn't really study and then 45% of the questions were regarding alcohol laws and fines.  Since I don't drink, I thought that it would be a waste of time to study those questions and fill my head with useless information. I was wrong.  Once again, I did not study for my test. About 2 months ago when I was researching what we would have to do to take care of our car stuff in California, I took a couple of practice tests, each 10 questions long. Needless to say, I was nervous and realized that I don't know anything about some of the laws here in California when it comes to driving. But fortunately, I passed.

Then Charlie Brown took over my life and that's that. Tonight Boyf leaves for Texas.  He is going to Austin for the BYU/UT game with his family and, yes, I'm stuck here with myself and the Children's Theatre. I can't say that when I remembered that fact this morning I wasn't a little sad... So if you have any great ideas for me on how I can spice up my weekend, you just let me know.


Rae-Lo said...

I'll be having a sad, boyless weekend too. Let me know if you figure out a good way to spice it up.

MoJo said...

That is sad! Why aren't you coming here!? I will find Boyf for you at the stadium, take a picture and tag you in it. Unless I look fat then I'll just delete it. You could always watch greys anatomy. Works every time.