Day #17

So maybe I missed 6 days.

Nobody was counting anyway.

Training is over and Boyf finally works a mere 20-minute bike ride from our home! I say bike ride because Boyf (David) takes his fancy bike (see THIS post about how I am an awesome wife and got him said bicycle) to work since we only have one car and sometimes pregnant people need cars to get places. That being said, I have now started my short run at the Palo Alto Children's theatre with "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" and the hours have changed to a later time, so I leave right before he gets home and get home when he is ready to go to bed. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if he didn't like to go to bed at 8:30, but we can't all be nocturnal. Also, we don't all wake up at 5am to train for marathons.

While he has been slaving away, I have also been slaving away. I have been practicing so I can play an entire orchestra score with two hands at a piano at lightning speeds (if you don't believe me, listen to THIS) while trying not to laugh as the strange neighbor boy from downstairs lurks past our window.  He seems to be very curious about all of the noise I make on the piano and as intelligent and horrifically nerdy as he may seem, he has failed to notice that even though our piano does not face the window, it has a high-gloss finish and basically acts as a mirror, so I see him clearly every time he walks by. I cannot blame him. I am an interesting creature. I am also curious and admittedly have eavesdropped on his conversations more than once as they wafted up to my bedroom window. He seems to really enjoy math. Almost every conversation I've heard him have has been about math. Except for the one where he thought it would be a great idea to tie a small kiddie pool onto a skateboard, put their cat in it, then drag it behind their car....

In other news, I must also admit that today I got a pizza for lunch.  It was a medium pizza from Papa John's. My favorite. There are only two pieces left. So much for going to the gym this morning...and yesterday morning...and tomorrow morning. My mom told me several times about when she was pregnant with me and ate a lot of pizza in one day. She never quantified "a lot" but I will no longer think it is a lot until she admits that she ate almost two pizzas.

Tomorrow morning I have an appointment at the DMV.  This is when I give in to all that is evil.  I will register my car in California and I will get a California Driver's License.  I don't feel that confident about giving up my Texas license and if they try to make me cut it up or something, I will shed tears. So many tears.

Well, I should have split that up into more than one blog post and made it seem like I had a lot of really exciting things to say, but I'm not so proactive that I am going to backdate any blog posts or copy and paste this one into multiple others, so this will have to do for now.


MoJo said...

Is this the marathon you were supposed to be training together on??? Hahaha

MoJo said...

Oh and I was counting.