Day 479: Time to be Honest

Well, I've had this blog for four-hundred and seventy-nine days now and I'm fairly certain it is time for me to come clean:


There, I said it. I never got rid of my old blogs, I never transferred the posts, they are just sitting there, taunting me, willing me to "come back!" They are lonely, I know it. Tonight, in a moment of weakness, I updated an old blog. The blog I abandoned for THIS blog. And I know exactly why I did it. Since I had a baby 11 LONG months ago, I have felt constricted by the "boundaries of motherhood". That is in quotations not because it is a real thing, but because I had made it real in my head. People want to remember things that are nice and good and lovely and all of those things you think motherhood will be when you are living in your imagination and still 13. I read other people's blogs. I read my friends blogs. I think most of my friends are honest; I don't know if I can believe that everyone blogging is, but I do know that when I blog I am not always honest with myself. In the spirit of honesty, I have decided to post here what I posted THERE.

Perhaps the fact that I now have an 11-month-old has changed things, but I feel like the people reading my "mom" blog just want to hear about my exploits as an awesome mother with an awesome child.

NEWSFLASH: IT ISN'T LIKE THAT. My house is a perpetual disaster, I am breaking out in zits 12 years behind the curve, I can't sleep and I am always tired, makeup no longer has any effect on my self-esteem, and I am 30 pounds overweight.

So I'm back. As me. I'm sick of trying to be positive about my fairly awesome, but nevertheless fatally flawed life. Bring out the trumpets, herald the bells, IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME AND I'M NOT BUYING YOU ANYTHING.


Rachael Mortensen said...

Haha. Yeah, motherhood is not all ice cream and chips. Not that I have personal experience (obviously), but I've seen my sisters. Dude, you give up everything for that little guy. Go ahead and rant, complain, be honest, etc. I do it all the time and my life is easy compared to being a mom. Haha. Also, I love you.

Raechel Logan said...

Yay for honesty! As one that isn't married and doesn't have kids... I love reading blogs that actually talk about real life. It's okay if not every picture you post is of your adorably cute child (and when I say "you," I mean a collective "you" not you-you) and if not every blog you post is an update on what they've learned to do in the past month ("our little guy went from teething to 2 little teeth and loves to chew toys while he drools and can ALMOST roll over!) Anyway. I totally miss you. And I really need to meet PDD.

MoJo said...

im mad at you for making me literally LOL at your last paragraph while holding peej therefore waking him up. darn you and your lifesized justin bieber poster. i miss you and next summer needs to hurry up and get here.

Melanie said...

Love the honesty. You are amazing. PDD is the cutest. And what? You're not getting me anything...how rude. JK :)

gini said...

LOVE this. Thanks for sharing. Its my life in a nut shell. I wish we were living it together though. In the same state, not the same house. Our boys would tear it apart. I miss you.