Day 377: This is Awkward...

There are two announcements I always feel awkward about. They're important enough that you feel obligated to make them but there is no way to finesse the conversation towards the topic. Those two announcements are 1. being pregnant  and 2. moving.  Especially if there is no anticipating either event. In better news, I'm not pregnant. (I cannot handle another surprise on that front).  In worse news, we're moving. Seriously. In less than a week we decided we were moving two weeks from then. A week from Sunday, to be precise. I have so many mixed emotions. I absolutely do not want to leave where we live now. It is my ideal location in every way except cost. To offset this disappointment, I started making a list of things I will be happy for in Texas. It looks like this:

1. Family (this really occupies several bullet points, but I'll spare you. One of those includes my sisters and home videos that have yet to be made. Even though I'm 26, I can still party.)
1b. QT!!!!!!!!!
2. One-Stop grocery shopping
3. A Wal-Mart that is open 24 hours and actually lower prices (even though I rarely went before I came here, I feel my joy at these two things may lead me to frequenting Wal-Mart post-move)
4. Super Target. 5 minutes from anywhere
5. Hot Tubs
6. Hot Summers
7. Humidity=curlier hair (not really a plus because when I say curly, I mean frizzy) and clearer skin (my skin loves Texas)

I don't even want to get in to things I will miss about living here. The list is far too long and I am trying to avoid tears. I think if I can get through the move without tears, they may never come.

So, that's my list. and this blogpost is my answer to the awkward announcement. If you can think of another awkward announcement or more positives to my Texas moves, feel free to share. If you can only think of things I will miss, keep those to yourself--my list is far too long as it is.

Now, on to packing. I haven't packed a thing and we move in T-minus 10 days. Ugh.


Katie said...

Ashlie, thanks for the post - it is okay to cry. Give yourself a chance to let it all out :)

Eric said...

Hot tubs.

Sam and Kat said...

There are lots of things to be excited for in Texas! Like legit Mexican food. Like Pappasitos. They have that in Dallas right? YUM. And awesome school systems, football games, musicals, etc.. (I guess this is more long term unless you have siblings or nieces, nephews already in school). AND Kolaches. Can't beat the fact that there are Kolaches in almost every donut shop down there in TX. Or even donut shops for that matter. I've been going through serious donut shop withdrawals out here in Tennessee.

Anywho, I hope the move goes well. Maybe it's just the idea of change that is hard, rather than just the fact that you are leaving Cali? I'm sure that once you get through the mess of moving and get settled in, things will be better.