It's Been A While

I stopped blogging. For about two months. I've thought about opening the browser and blogging many times over. Usually about the same moment that I think that, the newest member of our household demands my immediate attention. Unfortunately, my computer time has dwindled to a maximum of 30 minutes daily and I receive an extraordinary amount of email, so those 30 minutes disappear at an alarming rate. I haven't even perused my most favorite blogs as of late--all of which are best friends/family, so it really is shameful not "unselfish"

Other times, I sit down to begin blogging and realize that if I want any pictures in my blog post, I will also have to connect my phone or camera and upload pictures on to my computer first. Just thinking about it wears me out, so I don't blog.

But I've decided its time to be honest with myself. I BLOG BECAUSE IT FEELS SO GOOD TO WRITE. And so I don't care about the pictures. If they don't make it here, they don't make it. (That is the only apology that I will make, so accept it and move forward. Thx.)

I have a son. He is two months old. I keep saying this over and over, but it still doesn't feel real. He is truly beautiful (if you don't believe me, check facebook. thanks to an iphone, my facebook is almost 100% baby pictures now), but I can't come to terms with the fact that he is mine. I adore him. Also, being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done. I am still trying to learn to appreciate the things that feel like minor accomplishments but are actually grandiose feats in the world of motherhood. And I'm not sure how to have my own life while sustaining his yet. 

One of my solutions is to make a zillion outings. We've had a slew of visitors, so we made the best of it. The first BIG outing was with Michael, my dad, Andrea, and Elijah. (from Utah, London, and NYC. Doesn't get any better) We went to Alcatraz! PDD (When I think of his initials like so, I say them in my head as "P. Diddy" and I laugh. You are welcome to do the same if you derive the same amount of joy from doing so as I do)  slept through the entire Alcatraz bit, so it didn't quite count for him--but it counted for me. Thank goodness for the Baby K'tan that came in the mail just before we left for the city. He loved snuggling up to me in that thing.

Then when Lauren came the next week, we were sure to go BACK to the city and make a number of stops. Lauren loved looking in the shops (which is super convenient since I love that too!) and we found a few new favorite places that I will have to go visit again in the near future. Lauren was the bomb dot com as far as visitors go. We still miss her. 

THEN, we decided to go visit Texas since my mom was going to be there for a few days. Plane ride was champion time for Pearson. HE WAS AN ANGEL! And it turns out that is a plus since we will be flying to London on Monday--again making the flight without my better half. Practice makes perfect? Doubtful when it comes to children. We dragged PDD all over the Metroplex! I didn't take the camera with me, so any picture I have was thanks to the iphone. Something about that little bag made the entire trip seem overwhelming.... We did get to see the cutest soon-to-be-five-boy family EVER while we were there. Pearson loved them!

Well, that's the gist of the past two months. I've already detailed a few of these things, but we all need a few more pictures in our lives.

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