Day #124

I have been postponing this post hoping that a baby will come and then I will really have something exciting to write about. Not happening yet. The most exciting thing that has happened today is this conversation:

David: A lot of people are out of the office, so I will probably come home early.

Me: REALLY?! Like, what time?!

David: like 5 or 6.

Me: (silence....followed by more silence)

David: hello?

Me: Okay, well, I guess I should go to the grocery store without you, then. Can you tell me what you need to cook Borscht? 

My husband is a hard worker. And I should remember that the next time he mentions coming home early, because 5 or 6 is way earlier than what has been happening other nights.

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Courtney Low said...

Oh we basically live the same life. Yesterday Andrew got home at 5 and I was giddy because it was such a nice treat!