Response to a complaint from a reader.

Josie An anonymous friend complained that I have no proof of being pregnant on my blog or on my facebook. I'm not really sure how to respond because, lets face it, I don't really have any pictures of my pregnant self. Did someone think it was a good idea to put up my ultrasound pictures? no thanks. Does someone want to see my ever-increasing bust? INAPPROPRIATE. Things I've bought for baby? I'm POOR. Maybe a video of me having a hard time sitting up after lying down? Or not being able to bend and tie my exercise shoes without a small grunt? I could record those for you. I know!  I'll link you to the target website so you can see the prenatal gummy vitamins I found! (because this has now become the highlight of my week.) HERE THEY ARE  Josie Anonymous friend (whose blog is awesome and is also found HERE) what more proof do you need?


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MoJo said...

I love you and your unborn child. That sounds creepy but it's true.