Evening #25

So, things have been going REALLY well for Boyf at work. He has been helping with recruiting and put on a huge case. This is all good. It also means that the days of coming home at 6 are over. I'm not upset. In fact, I've been feeling anxious that this wasn't happening soon enough. Growing up in a home where my dad was often gone by the time I woke up and home after I fell asleep, I suppose it is an expectation.  Since David grew up with a father who is very much the same, it was inevitable. Since I am a night owl, this works well for the both of us. My dad often complains now about the TV being on late when he is trying to fall asleep and my mom is watching HGTV or the Food Network, but now I wonder if he was once grateful for her staying up late so he could see her each day.

To pass the time, I did indeed make banana bread and am currently watching "Pride and Prejudice". It was inspired by my sisters.  Since they moved to London, I have heard them watching this movie in the background several times, including today, so I felt inclined to watch it myself. This movie often reminds me of being with Raechel. We might watched it every evening for two or three months beginning the day it was released on video.  I am not the best movie watcher. I got that from my mother.  As far back as I can remember, she would always tell us to start the movie and then get together whatever she would work on while we were watching. I used to try and figure out why she couldn't just sit down and enjoy the movie, but I am now as bad as she. And now I've mentioned two things I inherited from my mother in a single post. She sure gave me a lot of goodness, didn't she?

One other thing: I hate the sound of a car door being left open with the key in the ignition. I hate it more now that we have a neighbor who WITHOUT FAIL opens their car door with the key in the ignition for a minimum of five minutes each afternoon and then again each night. Similar to the time I counted how many loopings of "La Cucaracha" were played outside our window by the ice cream truck each afternoon, I wish they would stop. But I haven't been so unoccupied during the occurrence to count as of yet. I mostly try and ignore it.

Okay, Bingley is about to propose. I have to go. I love this every time.

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Rae-Lo said...

Funny thing, I watched P&P just the other day and was thinking of you the entire time. And I'll have you know that I just watched it - no multitasking involved. :-) Miss you and love you baby bump.