Day #8

Well, today was the eighth day. It was rough. Mainly because finding a doctor is proving to be a HUGE pain. DON'T EVER MOVE AND CHANGE INSURANCE IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR PREGNANCY! I might have cried in my bed for 30 minutes out of sheer frustration. It also doesn't help when you have no friends and the lady at the doctor's office keeps asking you if "you're sure you don't know anyone with a fax machine we could fax this form to instead?" All I wanted to shout was "I'm sure I don't know ANYONE, with or with out a fax machine. Please stop rubbing it in!"

Fortunately for me, the piano tuner came shortly thereafter and she was a GEM. Seriously brightened up my entire day. Then I received a few emails from the library informing me that a few of my other Young-Adult Novels were available for pick-up. (Yes, I put books on hold at the library so you can't get them first.)

Did I do anything else today? Well, I didn't finish Gone With the Wind for book club tomorrow night.... I've read it once before and the second time is really not as enjoyable. Now that I know what happens, this book is stinking LOOONG. And I didn't cook dinner--I was distracted by my piano sounding so nice. Also, I didn't do my laundry, or work out a schedule, or unload the dishwasher, or finish setting up my recording stuff. At least I have a lot of things to do tomorrow, huh?


Meggara said...

hahaha i love that one of the labels is epic FAIL. dang it get back in my life.

MoJo said...

Boooooo. Been there. Switching docs = hating life.

Rae-Lo said...

Listen, I am your friend. And if I were closer to you, I would let you use my fax machine. Heck, I'd give it to you, because I have no business having a fax machine.